Accounting today has become one of the most competitive industries to operate in, just a single client can be highly beneficial for business. It goes without saying that accounting firms who fail to make a name for themselves through dedicated marketing efforts will be losing out on a competitive advantage against firms who managed to do so.

Google is hot favourite for individuals as well as business owners when they turn to seek help regarding the same. Below are some of the most significant ways in which SEO derived traffic will directly result in growth for accounting firms.

Assurance: It is well known that people put a lot of trust on what appears on the internet when they search for a particular product or a service. Compared to clicking on an ad that was paid for, a user will implicitly have more trust on an accounting firm’s website which appeared on the top of the search results.

Credibility: There is little doubt that SEO can be seemingly complex to begin with, as it revolves around identifying relevant search keywords which work best for the business. For accountants who are open to increased business, it is a constant challenge to come up with relevant keywords which will attract visitors who are likely to be clients.

Economical: For all the marketing techniques available to accountants, a well formulated SEO will largely be justifiable financially. This holds true for both solo accountants as well as large scale accountant firms. Yes, staying at the top of the ranking, and getting the keywords will be an ongoing challenge, but even then SEO will still bring financially plausible long term results.

Boosting SEO Rankings for Accounting Websites

Thankfully for accountants who are not well-versed with intricate marketing technicalities and jargon it is relatively easy to use SEO in order to increase search results rankings and generate increased website traffic. Perhaps one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best marketing tools is because of its accessibility and flexibility.

Specific SEO techniques can be termed as having either an “On-page” or an “off-page” focus. Further on, On-page activities relate to targeting websites and pages and are focused on addressing issues like:

Keywords. Keywords are perhaps the most important aspects of effective SEO campaigns. While it is good to be not too tough about it, it is important to adjust keywords carefully in order to maintain the top spot for relevant search queries.

Content. Google stresses that websites which will publish relevant, high-quality content will always receive increased attention from search engine users. Accounting websites which provide relevant answers to common questions and formulate content accordingly will generate increased organic traffic as compared to websites who don’t do it.

Along with on-page work, SEO can also include off-page efforts which are as relevant if not more. A few methods that are prominently used to improve SEO efforts are as below.

Link Building. How Google works is, it recognizes genuine links to web pages as proof of promising websites. These accounting firms can reap huge benefits in terms of increased traffic and lead generation.

Directory listings, social media. It is crucial that the firm’s website is located at the right locations on the internet and will increase website credibility. One way to do it is through social media as it provides the firm with a huge audience base and innovative ways of communicating the business aims.

Why SEO, when clients are already coming through traditional way?

Accounting does not fall under the traditional business functions, it is highly complex and works differently as opposed to any other. Most accountants acquire clients through extensive networking. Identifying prospective clients and building networks which will keep on bringing additional leads to a firm. Clients pay a lot of attention to the firm’s reputation and word-of-mouth, so even before they have seen your advert or received the services brochure they already have an image of your firm in their minds.

As indicated earlier, accounting is severely based on networking and referrals, more and more accounting firms are exploring the online options to tap into new customer pools and markets. In a rapidly growing digital marketing landscape now is the right time to take your accounting firm online and to harness the power of the internet through SEO and related efforts.

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Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing channels in this highly digitized marketplace. There has been little skepticism around the idea of investing in digital marketing. Firms would only dive in when they observe guaranteed return on investment.

Accounting firms are as much a part of the booming growth and it goes without saying that like most other businesses, social media marketing can bring multiple benefits if executed well. This article sheds light on some of the methods on how an accounting firm can leverage the power of social media marketing in order to generate more revenue as well as gain a competitive edge against its competition. Social media is quite widespread, and can be utilised as per the firm’s needs and objectives. Some most visible benefits of having a social media marketing plan in place are discussed below:

Brand Visibility

In a business function where competition is fierce and never ending, branding is key. The kind of clients a firm will attract depends highly on the kind of brand image it maintains. Social media is often referred to as the best branding tool, because of the kind of audience it offers and most of it is free. While investing in social media marketing, it is very important to choose the right platform based on what your brand objectives are.

A well designed Facebook and Instagram page will help you put out the right kind of information in front of your clients. It is also a great way to reach out to new businesses who can then be turned into potential clients. One of the key benefits of marketing through social media is that it enables you to connect with clients in a casual setting where it is easier to communicate and put the right message across. Traditional marketing channels do maintain a specific tone which might often come across as to formal and might not work best at all times. Additionally, working with social media also provides the business with additional exposure, which can work in favour when hunting for new clients.

Reach and Engagement

Social media provides users with unparalleled reach, which is precisely why a large number of businesses have diverted their marketing efforts towards social media. With the right strategy in place, social media marketing can help your accounting firm reach a huge number of prospective clients. Moving on, social media has also become increasingly interactive. It acts as a platform for users and businesses to interact in multiple ways. A firm can make the most of social media channels by coming up with engaging content across all available channels. For example, by creating engaging posts on Facebook which people can learn from and share with their peers. This will enhance the digital reach of your business with minimum efforts.


Networking, the one reason for which social media is most used for. With social media marketing you can make the most of this opportunity. The best social media platform for accounting firms to efficiently build a strong network in LinkedIn. On LinkedIn you can build long standing relationships with respected peers, existing clients and also potential clients. In addition to that, as a accounting firm you can also publish business related articles on LinkedIn which will catch the eye of a potential client who is looking for the kind of services that your firm offers. In a business that depends largely on referrals and contacts, networking through social media is perhaps one of the most sure shot methods to attract new clients.

Client Sourcing and Acquisition

After all is said and done, the most important aspect for a business to invest in any kind of marketing activities is to attract new clients and to bring in more business in order to increase revenues. With the help of social media it can become quite simple for your firm to bring in new business. In order to do so, you will need strong social media channels across at least two or three platforms of your choice. Different social media platforms will allow you to post and share different kinds of content, for example, Instagram is well known for posting photographs and short videos. Facebook on the other hand allows you to share more than just photographs and videos.

In essence, these are some of the methods through which you can benefit from using social media marketing in order to maximise growth. If your firm is not making the most of this relatively free and highly useful resource, now is the right time to dive right in and start maximising your accounting firm’s revenues.

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